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Kyan Meetoo


I’m Kyan and I’m three years old. I’m the fourth member of the Meetoo family. My father is Avinash. My mother is Christina. And my big sister is Anya who sometimes (for some unexplainable reason) is reluctant to let me play with her toys.

I am a massive fan (that’s one of my father’s favourite expressions) of cars, of motorcycles and of bicycles. If it has wheels then I’m bound to like it!

Don’t forget to check my photos.


  1. 1
    tasleemaj Joomun Says:

    hello little Kyan.. I should tell u.. u got a really handsome name…I have a son who loves cars may be as much as you do. By the way nice pictures!!!

  2. 2
    kyanmeetoo Says:

    Thanks for the nice words 🙂

  3. 3
    Geetanjalee Says:

    Hi, Kyan,

    Its Geetanjalee here.

    I must tell you that you have a name I never heard before (I mean… beautiful… of course) and you must be very lucky to have intelligent parents.

    1 more thing, till what age will you keep the photos where you are wearing nothing??? just kidding

    Wish you gud luck in everything you do.

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